Flipkart Account Management

Need help to manage and grow your e-commerce business? We are trusted partners of Flipkart are here to help you.

Complete Account Management

Sell products Online and reach out to millions of customers with Flip kart India services. We Handle your Flip kart Account. Listing, Return, Refund , Claim, Promotion, Everyday Operation etc


Performance Management

We Manage Seller’s Performance in Flipkart to grow their seller account and boost their sales and become a gold seller.


Brand Protection

We will help sellers to protect their brand from mapping and help them to grow their sales. works on brand gating etc.

Advertising Management

Use top-notch advertising services to promote your products and boost your sales. Let service partner manage your Ads.

Dizieshoppe helps a seller to get better maximum impressions and visibility for his product.  


Basic Advertising

Provides expertise to help you grow your sales through ad campaigns on Flipkart Central. Service features include creating and optimizing campaigns using targeted keywords, etc.


Advanced Advertising

This Service Includes creating and optimizing campaigns with different products, optimizing bids for high visibility.

Product Catalog Creation

Build an appealing photo catalogue with compelling content to attract more customers. Connect with Dizieshoppe cataloguing experts.

Our Catalogue Management Team comprises of creative content writers and cataloguers.

We ask you to fill a Master sheet, containing basic details of the product.

We sort the Raw data & images for you & build the content for the SKUs to be listed in accordance with your Brand Identity.

Product Image Editing

Dizie Shoppe have professionally trained photographers and editors help to create high-quality digital catalogs that present your products in an attractive and searchable manner.

Our professionally trained photographers and editors help to create high-quality digital catalogs that present your products in an attractive, flipkart compliant and customer searchable manner.


We provide photo imaging services in pan India for a variety of product categories.

Flipkart Seller Reinstatement

Has your account been deactivated or been put on-hold? Our experts will help you reinstate your account and assist you to ensure your accounts don’t get suspended in future.

We understand how devastating Flipkart Seller Account Suspension can be to your business.

For many of you, this fantastic marketplace is your only source of income.

Flipkart gives you a chance to appeal their decision. We will help you to activate your hold account.

Flipkart Training Programme

we have 4+ years of experience in the E-Commerce industry and we are passionate to work with helping newbie online sellers and existing online sellers to unlock their potential to reach their limits.

Join us to get your dream come true. 

Basic Training:

Understand the basics of the Online marketplace and know more about:

1. Buyer Person

2. Types of Payments methods

3. Understand your profitable product

4. Product Sourcing

5. Profit Analysis


Advance Training:

Basic + Understand the expert level of online marketplaces and learn more about it:

1. Brand Protection

2. Listing & Cataloging

3. Product Optimization

4. Order Management

5. Account Reconciliation