Boost Your Website Business for Profit

Dizie Shoppe simplifies online selling through your website, making it as effortless as selling on Amazon, Flipkart, or Meesho.

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All the Essentials for a Successful Beginning. A Comprehensive Platform to Start,Manage, and Expand Your Online Store

  • Website

    • Create a website on Shopify.
    • No Coding Required.
    • Just customized your store with your brand and listings
  • Shipping

    • Integrate with shipping system with as minimum as 50 rupees shipping cost.
    • And IVR & Whatsapp integration for order verification, NDR management.
    • Grow your business with "CASH ON DELIVERY" option on your store
  • Marketing

    Run Facebook Ads with best ROI

Why Dizie Shoppe

  1. Your profitibity what’s matters the most for us.
  2. More than 30+ featured tools applied to the store for greater profitability and maximize ROI.
  3. Dedicated Consultant to break your goal.
  4. Cheapest pricing as low as 5% commission on after getting sales.
  5. No upfront cost.
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