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Amazon Brand Store Establishment

Amazon Brand Store Establishment

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Starting from 10k : Charges vary as per the requirement


Establish a Multi-Page Amazon Website for Your Brand

Amazon has established its dominance in the global e-commerce industry, surpassing all competitors, including in India, with over 250 million active users. Now, envision showcasing your brand and products to this vast user base through Amazon Stores—a groundbreaking solution that enables vendors and sellers to create their own immersive Brand Stores on Amazon.

As an authorized partner of Amazon and Shopify, Dizie Shoppe is committed to delivering expert e-commerce design and development services. We will craft professionally designed Amazon Stores that not only captivate shoppers but also provide an educational experience about your products—a Store Design that truly embodies and represents your brand.


Multi-Page Shopping Experience: Multi-page Amazon Stores serve as a canvas to narrate your brand's story. They assist shoppers in exploring your product range, related items, and personalized recommendations.

Store Builder: Expertly crafted videos, text, and images will be employed to effectively promote your products and brand on Amazon.

Drive Traffic with Advertising: Attract shoppers to your Store through headline search ads on Amazon and marketing campaigns outside of Amazon, using a user-friendly URL. You can even direct shoppers to the homepage or specific categories, providing each page with a distinct URL.

Content and Campaign Optimization with Data: Gain valuable insights into your sales and traffic sources through Store insights, such as daily visitors, sales figures, and units sold.

Your Personal Amazon Web Address: Secure your branded URL on Amazon, giving you a distinct web presence:


  • Registered Sellers/Vendors on Amazon
  • Only registered brands are eligible; ensure your brand is enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry.

Notable Amazon Stores:

  • Brand DURACELL
  • Brand HANES
  • Brand MAMYPOKO

Amazon Stores: Submission & Review Process

Once your Amazon Store is complete, it must be "Submitted for publishing" and will undergo moderation by Amazon. Please note that changes cannot be made to your draft during the moderation process.

PLEASE NOTE: The moderation process may take several days.


  • No spelling or punctuation errors.
  • All changes are incorporated into the draft version.
  • Mobile preview optimization for an excellent mobile experience.
  • Verification of images and videos to ensure clear text visibility, especially on mobile devices.

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