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Dizie Shoppe

Essential Content and Listings (10 SKUs)

Essential Content and Listings (10 SKUs)

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DIzieshoppe will create Titles, Descriptions, Bullet Points, select the Appropriate Category (Browse Node), and list up to 10 SKUs (products) for you.


By purchasing this package, you acknowledge that Dizieshoppe does not provide any warranty or guarantee regarding the timeframe for your listing to go live on the marketplaces. The final decision rests with the 'Marketplaces,' and 'Dizie Shoppe' assumes no responsibility for this outcome. Furthermore, if Dizieshoppe completes the product content/listing, and the 'Marketplace' rejects it for reasons related to company documents, product authenticity, or other seller account issues, dizieshoppe will not be responsible for issuing any refunds or replacements for services that have already been completed.

Please Note:

  • Sellers are required to provide all product details, including MRP, Selling Price, product images (via Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox links), Quantity, and any other relevant detailed product information in EXCEL file format.
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