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ASIN Listing Enhancement (10 Listings)


We will enhance the visibility of up to 10 (ASIN) products in organic search results, capturing the attention of both visitors and potential customers.

Title & Short Descriptions: We will optimize product titles and short descriptions to showcase the most enticing features of your products, equipping customers with the essential information needed to make informed purchasing decisions. Both the title and short descriptions will incorporate strategically placed SEO-friendly keywords and search terms to attract organic search traffic.

Product Feature Bullet Points (5): Our well-crafted bullet points are designed for easy readability, comprehension, and to assist customers in their quest for the perfect product. We create feature bullets with the goal of informing, persuading, and facilitating the sales process, all while ensuring they are optimized for Amazon’s search engine.

Product Keywords: Accurate keywords are essential in conveying the unique attributes of your products. ‘Dizieshoppe’ can assist in gathering and standardizing specifications, providing appropriate search terms for your catalog.

Update Existing Content: Your previous efforts need not go to waste. Dizie Shoppe can take your existing product copy and revamp it. Our team will refine and standardize the content, making it more appealing to SEO algorithms. We ensure that both existing and new product content aligns with the desired style, appearance, and organic search optimization.


By purchasing this package, you acknowledge that ‘Dizieshoppe’ does not offer any warranty or guarantee regarding the duration it takes for your listing to go live in the marketplaces, as the final decision lies with the ‘Marketplaces.’ ‘Dizie Shoppe’ does not assume responsibility for this outcome. Furthermore, if ‘Dizieshoppe’ completes the product content/listing and the ‘Marketplace’ rejects it due to reasons related to company documents, product authenticity, or other seller account issues, ‘Dizie Shoppe’ will not be liable for issuing any refunds or replacement services for work already completed.

Please Note:

Sellers are required to provide all product details, including MRP, Selling Price, Raw Images, Quantity, and any other relevant product information in Excel file format.


Rs. 3,000.00